Photochromic Acrylic Paint


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Photochromic or Sun Activated Ultra Violet Pain is designed as a white base paint color and when placed in direct sunlight is excited under the UV Black Light which in-turn changes the composition of the pigments within the paint to make them visible to the naked eye. These color changing paints are great for any project that requires the movement between sun light and room light. Great for T-Shirts, Shoes, Trainers etc.

Glomania Photochromic Paints are made with an acrylic base that when dry becomes clear with a hard glossy finish. The micro capsule pigments are dispersed in to the medium at high sheer creating a smooth even coloration.

These paints are colorless / white in their inactive state.

Particle Size                      1 – 10um

Specific Gravity                 0.26g/cm3

Temperature Resistance   220 – 260 Deg C

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Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow