Become A VIP Business Partner

Registration is fast, and approval takes less than 24 hours. Once you are a business partner you will be assigned your own GloMania Account Specialist, who will be available whenever you need them. Your orders will be placed at the front of the manufacturing line, you will have access to our deep Double Discount Multipliers, and all of our online business resources.

We need to gather some information about your business so that we can get you setup correctly.
GloMania does not allow our paints and pigments to be resold or rebranded in their unused forms on Third-Party Websites. What is allowed:
  • You can use our paints and pigments in your own products and resell them anywhere without restriction.
  • You can sell our branded (GloMania) paints and pigments on your own proprietary website. ( These products MUST retain our branding.
  • You can use our products in craft projects which you then sell on other websites like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, and so forth without restriction.
What is NOT allowed:
  • You may NOT sell GloMania Paints and Pigments on third-party websites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, without written permission.
  • You may NOT rebrand our paints and pigments for resell directly as paints or pigments without written permission.
In other words, you ARE allowed to sell products you create using our paints and pigments in any manner you wish without any restrictions. You CANNOT however sell our paints and pigments directly through third-party sites without permission, or rebrand our products without permission.