Glow In The Dark Daytime Invisible White & Glows A Color (GID) Pigment Powder


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Invisible Neutral Glow in the Dark and Day time Visible Photo-luminescent Pigment Powders are designed to be a white or off white in the day and Glow a specific color in the dark. These pigments are sometimes called GID, GDI even LIT! These are man made crystals that are created under pressure using specific chemicals in ratio. SrAl2= is Strontium Aluminate – O4 Tetraoxygen creates a mixture of persistent luminescence nanoparticles which are co-doped with Eu2+ and Dy3+. These rare elements Europium and Dysprosium create the photoluminescence within Glow in the Dark Crystals.

Levels of Eu2+ and Dy3+ create the variant of colors that we produce in this manmade crystal that is inert, non-reactive and non-toxic

USES: Glow in the dark pigment powder crystals have many uses from Art and Crafts to Safety. Glomania have specialized in these pigments for over 20 years. Photo-luminescent glow in the Dark pigment powders can be mixed with most clear mediums ( liquids). However because these are a combination of rare earth elements they are structurally heavy and settle to the bottom in most instances when making paint. Glomania have produced their own specially formulated Acrylic Medium that suspends the crystals and stops the caking effect found in other paints. These are NOT standard glues as you may think, although a acrylic is also sometimes used in the production of glue.

GID pigments range from 5um to 2ml. Density: 3.56 g/cm³ Molar mass: 205.58 g/mol

GLOW DURATION: There is a lot of speculation on how long will Glow in the Dark crystals glow for, unfortunately it is not as simple as a number. Glow in the Dark pigments are like batteries, they need a energy source to charge them. As these are crystals they do not have an ON/OFF button so as they are charging they are also emitting that charge in the form of an ambient glow. The best energy sources for these pigments are Sun Light & Black Light as they both transmit UV Rays. Other incandescent lighting and some LED’s will also charge these crystals. The greater the energy source the greater the charge. This then also applies to the crystal size for storing the energy. Glow times can be from 30mins to 24+ hours.


1: Why does my pigment not glow very much?

Because the Glow is ambient meaning normal light, TV, Moonlight can overpower the glow so it can’t be seen.

2: Why does my pigment not glow very long?

If you charge the pigment and leave the room and go back a couple of hours later the glow will not show, this is because your eyes need to adjust to the dark. If you went to sleep and woke up say 6 hrs later then certain pigments will still be glowing.

3: Why is my artwork streaky and not like other paint?

These are crystals and not a dye so it is like painting with sand, the more brushstrokes the more the crystals ridge on the sides of the brush making the painted area not glow as much but only on the sides.

Solution : more coats generally work or airbrush for that smooth finish.

4: What is the longest Glowing pigment?

The main color for Glow in the Dark pigment is GREEN. This is also the brightest and longest glowing pigment.

The color glow rates for longevity are as follows;

Green, Aqua, Blue 6 – 18 hrs

Lilac/Purple 5 – 8 hrs

White, Orange, Pink, Yellow 3 – 6 hrs

Visible Glow in the dark Pigments 1 – 8 hrs

Reds 30mins -1.5 hrs

NB: These times are approximate and will vary subject to what you are mixing with, base color and energy charge as well as crystal size and purity.

5: What does ” INVISIBLE NEUTRAL” actually mean?

Invisible Neutral is a term given to White Glow in the dark pigment powders that glow a color in the Dark. These are solid crystals that in an inert state are WHITE or an OFF White in color. You can ONLY mix these pigments with a CLEAR medium / liquid as any dyes will coat the pigments and stop them from charging effectively and emitting their glow brightly.

On White or OFF white surfaces they are virtually ” invisible” hence the title.

Please note that working with Glow in the dark pigment Powders you need to be aware that they do need a light source to charge them. Their main excitation is from UV Rays ( Sun Light) so making sure they get plenty is vital.

DARK SURFACES: Dark colors actually SOAK IN light which in turn will diminish the glow from the crystals. White or Bright colors will reflect light making the crystal’s charge better and also glow brighter from an optical view point.

With over 20 years in the industry we have seen and helped just about every project that people have come up with, our technical staff are available to help and support you in your project, giving technical information, even explaining in some cases the best ways to apply and use these pigments. We have worked with artists and creatives such as: Kelly Clarkson, John Poppleton, John Ditchfield, Lady Gaga, Bodan Bushal. – Business’s like: Disney, Specialized Bikes, Film Studios, Toy Manufacturers, Universities, Pilkington Glass to name a few.


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