UV (Blacklight) Reactive Daytime Visible Color & Fluoresce A Color (UVR) Pigment


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UV Neon Black Light pigment powders ( UVR). We currently produce 10 colors. These pigments use optical brightness to Fluoresce really brightly. What that means is during the day they are Bright Neon colors, then in the dark under a Black Light ONLY they will fluoresce back 10 times brighter. These are sometimes called Glow in the Dark, however they are really UV Re-Active Black Light pigments that Fluoresce. The optimum brightness for these pigments is by using a 365nm bulb. Most LED purple bulbs will activate the powder however they are only 395-400nm

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Aqua, Blue, Chartruese, Dark Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Tangerine, White, Yellow