Glow In The Dark Daytime Visible Color & Glows A Color (GDV-SAND) Large Crystals


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Glow in the dark GDV, GDI or GID Sand, Large Grain Crystal is made from the purest strontium aluminate doped europium. There are 4 main daytime neutral or invisible colors Green, Aqua, Blue and Lilac and there are over 11 Day visible glow in the dark colors. These are the largest grain we can produce at between 1-2mm, has the strongest and longest glow times and the highest charge and discharge rate of any of the phosphorescent pigment powders.

They are made from a combination of specially formulated produced to our specific recipe and crystals that are created under pressure using specific chemicals in ratio. SrAl2= is Strontium Aluminate – O4 Tetraoxygen creates a mixture of persistent luminescence nanoparticles which are co-doped with Eu2+ and Dy3+. These rare elements Europium and Dysprosium create the photoluminescence within Glow in the Dark Crystals.

Levels of Eu2+ and Dy3+ create the variant of colors that we produce in this man made crystal that is inert, non-reactive and non-toxic.

GLOW DURATION: There is a lot of speculation on how long will Glow in the Dark Paint crystals glow for, unfortunately it is not as simple as a number. Glow in the Dark pigments are like batteries, they need a energy source to charge them. As these are crystals they do not have an ON/OFF button so as they are charging they are also emitting that charge in the form of an ambient glow. The best energy sources for these pigments are Sun Light & Black Light as they both transmit UV Rays. Other incandescent lighting and some LED’s will also charge these crystals. The greater the energy source the greater the charge. This then also applies to the crystal size for storing that energy. Glow times can be from 30mins to 24+ hours.

The size of these crystals allow them to charge and store more energy so they Glow brighter and longer.

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Aqua, Blue, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow