Glow In The Dark Daytime Visible Color & Glows A Color (GDV) Paint


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11 current Colors of  Glow in The Dark, Day Visible UV Black Light Reactive Glomania ProFX 

Glomania ProFX Glow in the dark paint is made using the purest Strontium Aluminate for the brightest, longest lasting glow in the dark applications. Our paint is available in 8 Invisible Neutral and 11 Neon Day Visible Photoluminescent colors

Specially formulated medium suspends the Glow in the Dark crystals from resting at the bottom.

Day Visible Glow in the dark paint not only glows but is also UV and black light reactive. Like most UV Paints Reds fluoresce more an orange/red color. Applying more than one coat deepens the color.

You can use this paint on just about any medium, including paper, wood, posters, canvas, even fabrics and slime. All our paints are available in 1, 2, 4 and 8oz pots.


Proudly made and packaged in the USA with over 15 years’ experience manufacturing UV, GDI and GDV paints and pigments. Glomania is a name you can trust and rely on. As a manufacturer we are never short of inventory. We ship SAME DAY.

       Charges and Glows for years and years.

All colors can be used indoors or outdoors, on walls, paper, or other materials for art projects, paintings, and murals; great for kid’s party activities! So now Include an element of surprise for your next event!

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  • Makes painting and images “POP”
  • Easy Super Smooth Application
  • Thick Creamy Consistency
  • Easy to thin down for Airbrushes
  • Paint charges under natural light
  • Glows in the Dark with NO lights on
  • Great gift for a budding artist
  • Dries to a Hard-Durable Glossy Finish

      Add a element of surprise:

  • Parties
  • Festival’s
  • Project’s & Event’s
  • Theatrical Backdrops Set’s
  • Crafting
  • Artwork
  • Poster’s


Glow in the dark crystals are like tiny batteries, they charge and discharge their energy at the same time. Best form of charging is Natural Sunlight as Strontium Aluminate crystals take most of their charge from UV rays, Black Light is another great source of energy and supercharge the paints to make them look like the images shown. Standard lighting, Tubes even LED’s work but not the same extent. Just a few seconds of charge is enough for these paints.


These acrylic Glow in the Dark water based paints are ideal for Artwork, Posters even Nail Art and Crafting. Great for Stage sets and Theatrical backdrop as well as Halloween Parties. Specially formulated medium that dries clear giving the Glow in the Dark crystals more light to charge

Quality of our Glow in the Dark paint:


ProFX glow in the dark paints are MANUFACTURED and DISTRIBUTED from right here in the USA. As part of our commitment to you we ship out SAME DAY if ordered before 11.30 MT And like most of our products we also offer FREE SHIPPING and FULL REFUNDS. Delivery is normally within 3-5 days of making your purchase.  Tech Support on Applications and Product Support with over 20yrs manufacturing expertise in this business. Full SDS, TDS and Application information is available

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Aqua, Blue, Chartruese, Green, Lilac, Orange, Pink, Red, Tangerine, White, Yellow