UV (Blacklight) Reactive Daytime Invisible Clear & Fluoresce A Color (UVI) Paint


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UVI Invisible or Neutral neon black light fluorescent paints are clear when dry during the day and fluoresce brightly under ultra violet black light ONLY. They do not glow in the dark. Great for Double images, posters, airbrush, stage props.

These paints are available in any size, as a manufacturer please contact us for wholesale and distributor pricing.

To work with UV Black Light Paints and Glow in the Dark Paints and pigments we need to understand light and wavelength. The information provided here is a guide to what its all about. Color is a combination of the physical compilation of a light beam, the physiological processes in the human eye together with the connected nerves as a consequence of the stimulus of light and the processing of these stimulus in our brain. It is difficult to quantitatively measure the afore-mentioned process. It is possible to see the content of a light beam with the help of a spectrophotometer. This meter sorts the beam of light into wavelengths and measures the intensity of each wavelength. These different wavelengths of light make the following color impressions on the human eye.

Glomania UVI ( Ultra Violet Invisibles) . These are white to off white paints that will ONLY react under UV Black light. They are positioned within the UV and IR band width and highly excited at 365nm. Under Black Light they will instantly turn to their designed color, when the light is turned off these paints will revert back to white. Some of the colors may have a after glow from the charging of the UV Pigment

There might be a slight ammonia smell when you open your paints., this is due to the chemicals mixing and creating a higher PH level. Please note this odor will dissipate when the paint becomes totally dry. This paint uses an acrylic base at high sheer to give the best possible smoothness and durability with a gloss finish. Cleaning brushes and spills by using soap and water. Glomania UVI paints come in a variety of sizes from 15ml to gallons. Glomania also sells these UVI’s in pigment powder form, they can be mixed in a variety of mediums, we would recommend that you mix them with either clear or semi translucent colors so when UV black light is shone you will see the color change. Mix in Leather Paint, Glass Paint, Nail Varnish, Powder coat !!



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